10 Fun Facts about Kim Tanner!

Would I Rather Live In A Big City Or In The Country?  City living (but being near the water is always a must).


What Are 2 Things I Am Really Good At?  Folding fitted sheets and finding your sore spots!

What Do I Do To De-stress?  Meditation, fostering kittens.

What Was My Favourite Subject In School?  Pathophysiology.

What Habit Do I Have Now That You Wish You Started Much Earlier?  Not hitting the snooze button!

IMG_3633 (1).jpg

If I Had A Warning Label, What Would It Say?  Electric Shock Warning or Cold Hands Hazard!

Do I Collect Anything?  Hotel room keys of places I have traveled to.

What is my favourite thing to do when I am not at work?  Exploring beaches and coastlines of beautiful Nova Scotia.

What is the best part of my job?  Being a part of your journey to becoming the best version of yourself.

What inspires me the most?  Learning something new or finding ways to solve a problem, overcome a challenge or improve productivity and efficiency.