10 Fun Facts about Hannah Fraser!

1.  Would I Rather Live In A Big City Or In The Country?  I grew up in the country which I loved and am thankful for. I hope I will end up there again eventually. In the mean time I am loving city living!

2.  What Are 2 Things That I Am Really Good At?  I’m a pro dog cuddler/dog aunt and love cooking!

3.  What Do I Do To De-stress?  Either go for a walk/run or a workout at the gym.

4.  Am I More Like My Mother Or My Father?  I’d say it’s a close call but if I had to choose I would say my father. We both love organization and list making!

5.  What Was My Favourite Subject In School?  Anatomy

6.  Is There One Color That I Seem To Really Have In My Closet?  Black

7.  Do I Collect Anything? Fridge magnets from places I’ve travelled to.

8.  My Favourite go to treat? Sweet Chili Heat Doritos

9.  What is my favourite thing to do when I am not at work?  I’m currently loving decorating my apartment!

10. What is the best part of my job?  Hearing that I’ve helped people do things they love again pain free!