10 Fun Facts about Olivia Doughart!

1.    Am I More Like My Mother Or My Father?  My father :)

2.    What Are 2 Things That I Am Really Good At?  Ice Hockey and Crokinole (It’s a board game my grandfather taught me how to play when I was a kid. It’s a mixture of curling and shuffleboard!)

3.    What Do I Do To Destress?  Spend time outdoors/play music

4.    My Favourite go to treat?  Salted caramel chocolate turtles

5.    Which song can compel me to dance?  The Fables - Heave Away

6.    Do I Have Any Useless Talents?  I can make a cloverleaf with my tongue!

7.    What Habit Do I Have Now That You Wish You Started Much Earlier?  Meditating/doing yoga

8.    Would I Rather Live In A Big City Or In The Country? The Country

9.    If I Had A Warning Label, What Would It Say?  Beware: loves to make pun jokes

10.  What is the best part of my job?  Seeing patient’s experience relief in ways they never thought were possible :)