Welcome to Basin View Chiropractic! 

We have been providing chiropractic care to the Bedford community since May 1, 2001.  We have established a healing environment which focuses on chiropractic care, massage therapy and acupuncture for people of every age.  At Basin View Chiropractic, we provide you with the tools, education and support necessary to maximize your quality of life.  Our primary goal is to treat the underlying cause of your health complaint, allowing your body to function optimally.     

Your First Visit

Your initial visit will take approximately 1 hour.  During this time, the chiropractor will ask you questions about your present health complaint and past health history prior to beginning the physical examination.  This assessment allows the chiropractor to diagnose your condition and develop an individualized treatment plan that is tailored to your needs.  

Subsequent Visits

Your physical therapy treatment and rehabilitation process is unique to you.  Subsequent visits are focused on manual therapy, which will include a combination of spinal and extremity manipulation, joint mobilization, soft tissue therapy, as well as rehabilitation exercises and educational advice on your condition.